На 11 май 2015 г. се навършиха 25 години от възстановяването на Радикалдемократическата партия в България!


Image 1. Political System

The place of the RDP according to the political system is determined by the general principles of the liberalism and the attitude towards the essence of the political process in the country.
Created late after the Liberation, RDP has always strived for new ethics in the politics, for building up a new model of political behavior.
Indisputable substance of the process of democratization is just to take the functions of the civil society off the State and to commit their contemporary development.
The creation of real political subjects as strong political parties guarantees the inconvertible democracy. Neglecting parties is a constant threat of restoration of the process of democratization.

RDP considers the power not an aim but a way of continuous democratization. Therefore RDP reject any possibility of collaboration with the Communist and other non-democratic organizations.
RDP considers State a functional system, based upon the following important principles of separation of the powers:
Real and strong legislative power;
Active executive power with an effective parliamentary, legal and civic control;
Independent judicial power as a guarantee for legality and juridical protection of the personality and human dignity

2. National Values and National Policy

RDP considers the development of the national identity and the historically inherited system of national values a guarantee for preservation of the Bulgarian independence. We inhabit a lasting and historically conditioned national space and it is our sacred common home. This home is naturally situated in Europe and each expression of low national self-confidence is an expression of cowardice.
Bulgaria is a united and indivisible country where human rights and rights of ethnic, religious and cultural communities are protected in accordance with the internationally accepted documents for human rights, in which Bulgaria is a party.

RDP assumes our incorporation in Europe as a general priority of the foreign policy. RDP looks upon the stimulation of the relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia to be outlined in the context of intensive development of equal mutual profitable relations with all Balkan countries.
RDP appeals for a new, unembarrassed by the past national policy towards Russia and the states of the former Soviet Union.
RDP considers the acceptance of Bulgaria as a member in NATO the most important thing for the national security.
As an important element of the national security we consider the neutralization of the influence of the former state security structures on the economics and on the state policy.

3. Economics

Free economy is a great achievement of the civilization. This is a foundation that integrates the interests of all people in community – this is the only way to keep a balance between the striving that causes development and the tolerance which is the base of humanism.
Liberalism is an alternative conception for the state interference in economics. As liberals we realize that the state interference should not be excluded at all. But our purpose is to regulate the state participation in economics and to restrict it within reasonable limits.
The stable development of economics, environmentally coordinated should be a government priority on all levels.
We reject the development of the production only for itself. Bulgaria needs competitive production orientated to the market.
State should minimize the licenses which restrict the Bulgarian producers and merchants and support them abroad.
The state policy of supporting the development of information and communication technologies, the development of high-tech activities including high-tech parks, is very important.
Monopolistic structures and concentration in economics are a threat to every person freedom and existence. We consider the State is not able to defend small and middle enterprises. Therefore the State defense of competition and the whole State policy should depend on professional organizations of producers and businessmen.
RDP traditionally supports the cooperation of the proprietors. This is a precondition for the development of production especially in agriculture.
We appeal for simple and principal tax system. The budget enlarges not of high taxes but of clear rules and hard working taxing administration.
State should not subsidize separate enterprises and departments. State may use various measures to stimulate business and economics through free of charge periods and tax concessions, intensive amortization and differentiated customs regime.

4. Foreign Investments

Taking in account the actual economic situation in Bulgaria, the achievement of economic growth is impossible without foreign investments. Investments are necessary for our country in the future too, because the incorporation of our country in the dynamic world process of capitals and know-how transfer should not allow the isolation of our country again.
To increase the attractiveness of our country for foreign investments it is necessary:
An efficient, clear and stable tax system;
Stability and respectability of the state institutions in their future investors contacts;
A contemporary legislative system referring to property and economics;
A constitutional solution of the problem of purchasing land by foreign investors ;
A development of the information infrastructure and the services (especially bank services);
A restriction of criminality and corruption

5. Social Elements in Liberal Economics

The liberal social policy has a purpose to ensure maximum opportunities for free and well-deserved life for every member of community. Freedom of personal choice does not relieve society and State from responsibility for all citizens, especially for threatened categories – lonely old people, unemployed, people with low incomes, disabled persons, orphans and neglected children.
RDP strive for creation of contemporary and efficient system of social concerns that should be constantly developed according to the accumulation of means and orientated not to the anonymous categories but to the concrete person.
Organizing of independent insurance, pension and health funds is a guarantee against bureaucracy.
Solving of social problems through more state direction and higher taxes reaches its limit. This is an obstacle for social progress.
RDP considers of paramount importance for the State and for the society the solution of the following problems:
Reduction of unemployment rate in the country;
Stable increase of the incomes of the employees in the economics and services;
Purposive and efficient support of the most vulnerable groups of the society;
Development of new forms of social services – daily centers for injured children, rehabilitation centers for disabled persons, social services bureau, etc;
Integration of minority groups in the society;
Legislative decision of the rights of injured people according to the European standards;
Involving NGOs in the social sphere and stimulation of social enterprise.

6. Health Services

After many years of discussions a legislative system of health services in Bulgaria was created at last. Now determination is needed for it to work efficiently.
But still low incomes require a priority subsidizing of health services by the State.
RDP realizes that a structural reform in health services would obstruct organizing of parallel private health services which should not be allowed.

7. Education and Science

Liberal views of education are based on the concept that the prime purpose of education is creation of optimal conditions of realization of personal abilities at all ages.
Secondary education should ensure enough conditions for development of mental and creative abilities and preparing young people adequately to participate in civil society. We insist on a legislation that guarantees the statute and the work of private schools, on systems and mechanisms of a differential teaching method and also on programmes and measures that integrate children and young people with different diseases in the society.
We consider state interference in high education allowable only in case of financing and creating conditions for effective and qualitative teaching. Determination of criteria for attestation of high schools should be done according to international criteria for qualitative high education.
The number of the universities in Bulgaria should be reduced as a precondition for a qualitative lecturer s staff and covering expenditures for modern equipment.
RDP appeals for special cares for preserving of scientific potential of the society.

8. Cultural Policy

Cultural policy should contribute preservation of cultural values and preservation of the national traditions and identity and their presentation abroad.
Sponsorship and patronage in culture and arts should be legally supported.
Budget should not be relieved of obligations to the national culture.